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Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) Certified


 My Regular doctor had been recommending I get your full body scan for a number of years. I final did it a couple months ago and the results were shocking. To my surprise I had a very high calcium index which prompted my doctor to refer me to a cardiologist. After further testing my cardiologist ordered an Angiogram and as a result two stents were installed to open up a blocked coronary artery. The full body scan saved me from a likely heart attack. Thank you for offering this service!
—Michael S

"Very friendly and warm staff who made sure I didn't endure a long wait time common in medical practices. The front desk girls were very warm and welcoming. The person I met with for the orientation session was knowledgeable and didn't pressure or upsell me at all. He was just really passionate because their scans saved his life a few years ago. Great to see that level of interest translate into a story I could relate to."
— Juan, Los Angeles, California

"I made an appointment with Lifesavers after receiving a promotional call offering me a free heart scan. I was a bit skeptical, but I figured that there was no harm in being proactive about my health. My husband and I attended the appointment and sat for their orientation on their different preventative health screening options. Although we were hesitant, we decided to purchase a full body scan. I have always been worried about my health and what would happen to my children if something were to happen to me. Thankfully, there were no abnormalities in my results, but I can be at peace knowing that I will not surprise my family anytime soon with unfortunate news about my health. My experience at the office was surprisingly pleasant. Although I was nervous about the possibility of discovering something negative, the staff was warm, personable, and made me feel comfortable throughout the appointment. I would recommend LifeSavers to anyone looking to keep on top of potential health complications, especially those (like me) who are getting older but have not faced significant medical issues throughout their lives and are now learning to monitor their health."
— Alex, Irvine, California

"After my free heart scan, I decided to purchase a CD of the images. The result was more than I expected, and I mean that in a good way. The clarity and quality of the images was apparent and the accompanying report was written by a medical doctor. He had obviously studied my scan results. I'm happy that I discovered this type of preventative care because I have a visual baseline now to watch my health over the years."
— Heather, Newport Beach, California

"The report I received after my scan (written by a real medical doctor) was useful in allowing me to shop around for the right treatment. My results indicated higher levels of calcifications in my arteries, which led me to find a cardiology specialist faster."
— Catherine, Newport Beach, California

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